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  • Nimble 525 Tennant Sweeper doing Industrial Cleaning in Bayswater

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Industrial Sweeping | Car Park Sweeping | Commercial Sweeping and Cleaning in Perth

Five Star Industrial Sweeping and cleaning Perth are a professional sweeping company which specialises in industrial, commercial and domestic sweeping of car parks and hard surfaces in Perth and the greater metropolitan area of Western Australia. We offer a high quality sweeper service providing an instant result due to our motivated and professional staff who always aim to provide superior results.


Our industrial sweeping service in Perth has diverse modern technology sweeping and cleaning equipment including the latest ride-on sweeper machine models to hand held equipment and even manual items to ensure a full service. The power sweeping machines are operated efficiently to remove debris, stones,litter foliage and all matter is removed to leave a clean car park, bitumen or concrete surface.


Our operator provided sweeper hire service in Perth offers a fast and reliable sweeping and vacuuming service for one off or scheduled cleaning services. We operate 24hrs a day and emergency sweeping services to ensure the best access to suit our clients needs. Our machine sweeping services are nimble and can access narrow and difficult areas with a combination of ride on and manual machines for any are and size. The Tennant Green Machine is narrow enough for foot paths, cycle ways and small spaces within property locations.